Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Cogitate prompts for an interesting scholarship essay topic

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Scholarship essays often require a good topic to work on and many a times students are at a loss when they need ideas for them. That is when one needs some quick shoving of the brain that helps in getting the mind up and running to write the essay.

When it comes to considering ideas for your scholarship essay, the first progressive step you need to take is to look at some scholarship application forms which will give you an idea as to what are the requirements of the same. Some scholarships early on provide you with the topic or the genre based on which they want the essays written.

The applications will help in generating ideas as they will prompt you to start writing down the possibilities that you have. Look at your copy of the application for scholarship, and see what they want you to write. Understand it well.

Are they asking a question?

And, do they want it done within a specific word limit or page limit? Also, see whether they want some form of personal experience from you or not to support your essay topic.

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Know exactly what you need to write as that will help clarify the exact requirements of the paper. If you want, you can ask for help from some family member or maybe a friend and they can help you out with what you need with regards to your scholarship essay.

If they want a personal experience as part of the essay, think it through. Make a list of the ideas that come to your mind and see if you can come up with an interesting facet of your life that can be written down well enough. Write down a short phase which will help differentiate that particular idea from the other ideas if you plan to sue that as part of the concept for your scholarship essay.

Now how do ideas come for your scholarship essay? They might want to know anything, suppose your last travel experience, or the political scenario in your country and how it affects the people in general or maybe even your favourite subject and the reflective areas of interest in it.

What you can do is to take up a few experiences that you had in the past couple of years. What were the things those experiences did for you? How have they affected you and how different would you react if that same incident happened to you now?

If they ask for short term goals, plan it well and then write. Do not simply talk of far flung dreams at once.

You can also talk about your dreams, hopes and aspirations as long as they are realistic. Talk about a couple of daring adventures you might want to go out on.

Scholarship essays, as said, can be of many variations. It is up to you to decide which the ones you feel are will be effective and score well for you.


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