Tuesday, 6 January 2015

4 Ways to Tame Your Homework Stress

College life gives you too much on your plate. It’s not your ability that interferes with your school performance, it’s the stress. How to kill the stress monster and take a chill pill? Here are a few relaxation tips to keep your worries at bay.

  • Stress Management Tip #1. Sleep like a Baby

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You know sleep-deprivation can spoil your college grade, right? But you don’t know how. Here’s a piece of news. Randy Gardener holds the current world record of spending 11 days sleepless, after which he started hallucinating. Next he had a crazy delusion that he was a celeb footballer.

So, late night parties may boost your Cool Quotient, but the lack of oxygen conducted by the RBC does a lot more harm to your body than you realize. Apart from giving you a puffy-eyed zombie-like stature, it turns you anxiety-prone. To calm yourself down, avoid caffeine, if not revelry. Sometimes unresolved tension can hamper your sleep. So, calm your head before you go to sleep, take a glass of warm milk, and prop yourself with pillows.

  • Stress Management Tip #2. Utilize Time Well

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We cannot properly handle too many tasks at a given time, which generates stress. Accept your limitations. Prioritise and keep an iOS app to maintain a “to-do” list. For example, to zap your stress of handling a lengthy research paper, divide the prescribed time for data gathering, analyzing, paraphrasing, computing etc.

Underestimating the time you’ll need to complete a particular coursework is not a virtue. In the end, you’re left with stacks of poor-grade papers. Once you squeeze it into a time-table, a huge chunk of work is framed into a manageable schedule.

  • Stress Management Tip #3. Reach Out More

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Just social networking sites aren’t enough. When you’re under pressure, talk to somebody. Healthy love shoots down academic stress. Even taking your dog to walk, saying hello to a beautiful stranger and being smiled back release Oxycontin in your brain—the “feel good” effect that reduces your tension. Talk, if possible, face-to-face. Talking is like a verbal hug and it can de-stress you significantly. College life stress can be cured by discussing your feelings with a batch-mate, a friend, or expert writing services for students.

  • Stress Management Tip #4. Focus on ‘Present’

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Ok, your course advisor should have been more helpful. Your partner could have been a little more supportive about your career decision. So what? Discard all “could have been” from life if you want a de-bugged, relaxed mind. Focus on maximizing your current potential—what you’re capable of doing right now. There’s a cute message in “Kung Fu Panda”, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is a gift. That’s why we call it ‘today’.

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