Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How to plan your functions in Management

Planning is the process when we decide prior to an event as to how and what to do regarding it. In management it is a very basic and primal factor as before doing anything, the in-charge, or the manager must formulate how the idea will work about a particular thing. Thus it is a process that involves strategizing and creative innovation. One must devise appropriate ways on how to work so as he/she is able to achieve their objectives.

So how planning helps

Planning helps in
  • Providing well directed directions
  • It reduces risks and the uncertainty factors
  • It helps in reducing idle activities and time wastage
  • Gives innovative strategic ideas.
  • It also helps in correct decision making.

So what are the visible features of planning?

  • Planning focuses on fulfilling of objectives
  • It is a basic factor involved in management
  • It is a continuous process
  • It provides a way for the further development
  • It also involves decision making effectively
  • It facilitates mental thought process.

Now, let us focus on how the planning process works.

It starts with the establishing of objectives. Supposing the structure is an organization. The objectives can be set for the whole organization or individually for, say a department.

Planning will involve thoughts for the future as it is unseen and thus everyone will use conjecture at one point or the other regarding the result of a strategy. And once you plan a strategy in a way, think of what are the pros and cons of the same and then think of alternative plans. And depending upon them, act on it.

Select the best plan and decide once and for all what should be your course of action. Implement it. But after that, just do not wait and watch. Plan your follow up action as well. It is to re establish that your objectives are well achieved and in time.

Plans and their types

Objectives are very important to an organization and they are what a management wants to achieve through its numerous operations. These function as business plan guides for employees.

Strategy is a well etched out plan which helps a company in gaining its objectives. It will include three components -

1) Finalizing long term objectives, 2) taking up a particular plan of action and 3) ensuring proper resources to achieve objectives.

Policy determines the managerial actions and decisions which are helpful in implementing the strategies.

The process is the standard steps one carries out for the activities. They are the specific steps one takes to ensure smooth working. Work on your method and follow the prescribed manner required to reach your objective. Specify how your steps are to be taken.

Keep in mind your budget along with everything as it involves futuristic planning and risks. Reestablish the programs and physical resources required to implement your course of actions.

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