Thursday, 4 December 2014

5 Best Christmas Gifts to Buy for College Students 2014-2015

Season of tinkles and twinkles, cakes and ginger ale, now that you have grown old enough to enjoy “Harold and Kumar Christmas” more than hanging socks with your wish lists, the old-world magic is still there. Christmas is special when you spend holiday at home, but don’t forget your class buddies—who you rub shoulders with in management diploma, degree and standing ovation phase! Whether you’re in Business School or an online MBA learner—rejoice this festive season with a gift that would win your near and dear ones in a trice!

We know that being in grad school; you are already drooping with tuition cost and expensive classes. But fret not! We have complied a nifty and trendy list for you to decide on because Management Writing Solutions can pinpoint the needs of college students like no one else! In case you’re looking to delight your BFF, new options are in plenty. Sweatshirts and winter care lotions can step aside.
  • Bestsellers. Pamper your loved ones with great reads. We suggest a little twist of taste other than the Twilight series, “Captivated by You in a Crossfire” a winning novel by Sylvia Day. If your favorite one loves sports, pick “the Second half”, authored by Roy Keane and Roddy Doyle—the chronicles based on their glorious achievements. If you want some ticklish fun on amazing facts of the world—cannot be better than “Ripley’s Believe it or Not”.
  • College students badly need Wireless Speakers for uninterrupted communication, why don’t you pick a gift as elegant and useful as a Bluetooth Speaker? It also comes in handy when you want some kick on movies and music on your Smartphone. Bose comes with $199, if you want to splurge some cash and DKnight is pretty affordable, $30.
  • Noise-reducing Headphones. Kiss the hustle-bustle goodbye and drown in some melody. One of the most popular devices among College students that swings your head in leisure time.
  • DVD of Hot-favorite TV shows. Want some excitement, instant joy from your pal? Be it Dexter, Game of Thrones, or could be Walking Dead or Castle—gift that would bring a blast of happiness in a few seconds among your circle.
  • Gift cards. Yeah it may lack instant appeal, but eventually renders your partner a chance to pick stuff in accord with their choice. From malls, restaurants etc.
  • Tea Kettle Electrical: Don’t underestimate the charm of tea things. While crockery is something your mother would swear by, for university students, nothing comes closer to an easy-come cup of hot soup/chocolate as you snuggle in your hoodie miles away from home.
  • Stocking stuffers. Nah. Candy canes are for kids. But you can’t deny the ecstasy that it brings with profuse Christmas spirit. For college students, gift stockings filled with USB ports, gift-cards, memory chips and chewing gums!

With chilly winds blowing and hot stuff brewing at households, Management Writing Solutions wishes a Merry Christmas to all home comers and well-achievers. May Academic success sashay you in all the way with speed of reindeers!

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