Thursday, 11 December 2014

How to develop your own smooth writing style

A writing style can vary as much as a writing topic does and that is saying a lot. There is no finite definition of what can be a good or bad writing style. The following is an insight and thus offers help in smooth writing style developing for students across all academic levels.

Writers write in every form- their style can be blunt, sharp natured, slow progressive, formal or brisk and it depends upon the readers as to what they like reading. Because just as there are varied genres of writing and writers, the readers also have their own distinctions and so read what they prefer. A style is a way of writing and it differs based on the writer who develops it by their own understanding of words, phrases and how they will use them.

Originality is a factor which is the mark of a creative writer. A writer can be of any genre, academic or otherwise, but what he needs most importantly is individuality in the style and mannerisms of writing. But make sure you do not go to extrem smooth writing style

Originality of content is quite like the way of writing, it is based on talent and one’s own understanding and instinct. However, one can also improve and do better with originality by practice. One should employ better figures of speech and alliteration to improve the writing and also create words which should be explained so that you can ascertain your individuality of writing and discover a smooth writing help from them.

One thing that you need to keep track of is to not use too much of wordiness as it is a misconception that it impresses one’s readers. Deliberate use of long/difficult words puts off the readers, thus back-firing your intent. Of course you need to elevate your writing level, but you don’t want to antagonize your readers every other minute when they have to refer to a dictionary.

Try to use alliteration in your writing. It is a word combination that might or might not start with a common letter, although they echo the sounds of one another. A proper alliteration matches well with the rhythm of the sentence. It can be sued to smoothen out a rather tough sentence and also be used in titles to make nice ring to its sound.

For effective help in smooth writing styles, students can also refer to a few online smooth writing help services that put up samples as suggestions.

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