Monday, 15 December 2014

Myths of dissertation writing and the reality behind them

Academic assignments are no easy task and students often need assistance in dissertation writing as well. But often students come up with excuses or maybe even explanations as to why they cannot finish their dissertation in time. Usually myths, following are the reality behind those dissertation writing myths.

  • Students often feel they still have to be research more and more and are not still ready to start their writing.
The truth behind it is there is always a lot of information you will get for your dissertation and you can only collect as much information. After sometime, you have to start writing and a good time to start is when you see the same sources are coming up more than twice. It means you have reached a point. Just start writing, write what you would usually, without thinking about style or grammar. Or alternatively, you can do an outline for all that you will be including in your dissertation. Your teacher will be able to mark any missed point if there is.

  • Often students may feel a sense of incompleteness and not be able to move on the next chapter unless they get the corrected previous ones from their teachers
Your teacher really expects you to manage your time and make progress with your work. So it is essential that you revise each chapter as they come and do not take it slow. Supply your teacher with an outline of your work and the related chapter and meanwhile you keep working on the next chapter.

Go on sequentially and keep your supervising teacher abreast about the developments you are making in the chapters.

  • Most students feel they work best under pressure and leave everything until the very last moment
But what they must realise is that it is a dissertation, and not a couple pages which you can finish in a few hours. Even the proverbial last minute is very less for students who are to pursue an in depth analysis. That is going to take time. You can build pressure by a lot of factors such as setting time for finishing an essay or something. You will obviously need time to finish the dissertation and so what you can do is to set time for finishing a couple chapters or a specified portion of the whole paper and thus it will keep you on your toes.

  • Some students feel they need the perfect thesis statement to start writing properly.
To start a thesis you do not need to go chapter wise as such. Build it from the chapter you think you will handle the best way. You can get help for dissertation assistance from people of your field who have done their papers ahead so that you can be effectively guided.


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